The YMCA - a Leader in Water Safety

Thanks to the generous support from the Butte Ski Club Foundation in behalf of the Fritz Apostel Dream, each school year all 3rd graders from the Butte School District and surrounding areas will learn basic swimming skills and water safety practices at the YMCA's state-of-the-art aquatics facility during April and May, just in time to send children splashing into the summer months.

It was Fritz Apostel's dream to ensure all children learn to swim; allowing them to safely enjoy Montana's surrounding lakes and rivers. According to the Joshua Collingsworth Foundation, Montana is among 10 states in which drowning surpasses all other causes of death to children age 14 and under.

Overcoming the fear of water and learning swimming develops a person's pride and inner strength. We as YMCA staff have seen these students build confidence in themselves as they have applied this valuable knowledge in the water.

Contact the Welcome Center for more information.


  West - 54 students  

  •  March 19: Monday, 2pm at West
  • March 20-21: Tuesday/Wednesday, 11am - 1pm at the Y 

 Whittier - 58 students

  • May 14: Monday, 2pm at Whittier 
  • May 15 -16: Tuesday / Wednesday, at 11am - 1pm at the Y 

   Butte Central/Ramsay - 21students/24 students = 45 Students

  • March 12: Monday, 10am at Ramsay and 2pm at Butte Central 
  • March 13-14: Tuesday/ Wednesday, 11am - 1pm both schools at the Y 
                                                                                                               Kennedy - 33 students
  • March 21: Wednesday, 2pm at Kennedy
  • March 22 - 23: Thursday/ Friday, 11am-1pm at the Y 

    Margaret Leary - 50 students

  • May 2: Wednesday, 2pm at Margaret Leary
  • May 3-4: Thursday/ Friday, 11am-1pm at the Y 
                                                                                                               Emerson - 48 students 
  • May 7: Monday, 2pm at Emerson
  • May 8-9: Tuesday/Wedsnesday, 11am-1pm at the Y 
                                                                                                               Hillcrest - 56 students
  • May 9: Wednesday, 2pm at Hillcrest
  • May 10-11: Thursday/Friday, 11am-1pm at the Y